Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Waistcoats

I have recently been cross dressing and acting as the Ensign and Flag Bearer for the Adelaide Regiment 1862. A few things are not included in the standard issue uniform. One of these items is a waistcoat. Dad has started sewing recently, so I held a few sewing sessions with him to help him sew a waistcoat. He ended up with a really nice grey woolen waistcoat and I made a lovely waistcoat using a wool that came labeled as Highland Light Infantry. To make it less military, I put the plaid on the cross as I have seen done with some originals.

I am very happy with my new waistcoat. It is a little longer in the waist, but that is because my trousers sit lower than the men's due to my leg curves and I needed the waistcoat to cover waist padding and sit over the trouser waistband.

While the waistcoat is not visible, I was wearing it at our 150 yard standing shooting practice day at Monarto Rifle Range. This was a great way to spend the afternoon, even if I spent the day as official and scorer, instead of shooting. The men did an amazing job at that range, especially as two members had not shot before.


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