Sunday, July 20, 2014

Completed Plaid Bodice and an Ice Skating Event - Updated

Well I know it has been a while since I posted, but I have been very busy with work and I got a nasty virus on my computer. Nic has very kindly let me his to update a few of my recent projects. I am sorry as I will be putting up a few posts, as I have been making the most of the school holidays.

After a year of planning we finally made it to the ice rink. There was meant to have been a few of us attending, but we had a lot of cancellations in the days leading up to it. Some people had injuries, others were more drawn to attending Avcon. Those of us that did attend had a great time. In the end it was Nic, Myself, Trisha, Kay and her daughter in modern clothing.

For the event I finally finished sewing my 1850s sporting attire. I had completed the skirt about 4 years ago, so it was nice to finally complete the bodice to go with it. Nic was kind enough to fit my toile, and he did an amazing job. It fits beautifully. I did not get enough time to complete the petticoat to go with it, but I do plan to have it made in a dark blue shortly. I also made the skirt lifter published in Godey's Magazine in 1862. I used black velvet ribbon as an option given on the description. While it looked very nice when first draped. it encouraged the skirt to pull and move, which resulted in the front and back pulling under the crinoline after some movement. Another shortcoming is that the ribbon was constantly catching on objects as I went past them. I have now been supplied with an alternative internal lifter pattern, which I hope to create later this week. I will post more photos and details once the adjustments are complete.

These are the two dresses that I based the design of my sporting attire off. I am still considering adding fringing to my bodice

This dress is from the MET Museum, Pintrest Link.
Completed outfit with petticoats only

 Completed outfit with crinoline.

 Now for the ice skating.....
 Myself, Nic, Kay and Trisha
 Nic had never skated before and he only had one small mishap.
 Us together, we look relaxed for being scared and holding each other up.

Men look so much more handsome in period attire, but I could be prejudiced.
The Challenge: #14 Paisley and Plaid
Fabric: 100% cotton Black Watch Tartan (Tartan is a kind of plaid isn't it?)
Pattern: Drafted using prior toiles
Year: 1850-1855
Notions: Cotton Tape, Cotton Thread, Hooks and Eyes, Black Lace
How historically accurate is it? About 90%. the lace is synthetic as I have been unable to get any cotton black lace. I did try some antique lace, but it was too heavy.
Hours to complete: About 40 hours
First worn: Today
Total cost: $50

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