Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Its Been a While

I have had a crazy year and have not got around to posting in ages. I have just started sewing again after a hiatus of 3 months. Since the middle of last year I have been working full time. On top of my other commitments, this has left me with very little spare time and energy. Before I took a break from sewing I had completed a few projects.

Firstly, I have finally completed my 1840s fan front dress. It was made using a woven striped cotton. The front is gathered into a point and the skirt was attached using cartridge pleating. I think it turned out very beautiful.

I also semi completed my wrapper. It was made using a green plaid cotton and plain green cotton inserts. I used the Laughing Moon Pattern and was very impressed at how few adjustments were required to get a great fit. I do not have many photos of it as of yet, but I will get more uploaded when I have made a few adjustments. I plan to adjust the length and close the front with buttons. This was a bit rushed in construction as I wanted to have it completed for the anniversary of the Eureka Stockade. The stockade was stormed in the early hours of the morning and there were records of women in their undress running to save their husbands and offer medical aid.