Thursday, April 23, 2020

1850s Walk up Mount Barker

Today we decided to go on an ISO walk up Mount Barker. The walk is 1.2kms from the road to the summit. It is quite an incline,  but has an amazing road to walk on. The small stones are more hazardous on the decent. 
We were blessed with a beautiful sunny Autumn day in the 20sC. 
The last .2kms of the walk is a narrow path with a variety of native trees.
Miss Amelia May even found one that she could hide in. 
At the Summit,  we had a picnic lunch and water from our torpedo bottles. 
Nic brought his telescope and went exploring while we sat and attempted painting watercolour paintings. 
On our return walk Nic made Amelia a hankie flag that made her extremely happy. 
I love our living history walks. We always have an amazing time.