Sewing Portfolio

These photos are only a few of the outfits that I have blogged about in the past. In the next month or so, a friend has offered to help me to photograph each of my outfits from my under-layers to outer-layers. Sometimes I forget to blog about items and how the different shapes are made. This offer has also encouraged me to improve my wardrobe and finish some odds and ends that complete any period correct outfit.


These are a few photos from Outfits I have written blogs about.
Brunswick Uniform
Copy of an 1804 Dress
from the MET Museum
Linen Work Apron

Regency Drawstring
Day Dress

1790s Camp Follower

Side Closing Short Gown

Regency Crossover Gown


1830s Frock Coat
1830s Straw Bonnet
1830s Ensemble


Sack Coat and Cordaroy Trousers
Copy of a CDV

Plaid Trousers and
Woven Cotton Waistcoat

1940s German Fan Front Dress

Mustard Work Dress,
Gathered Front

1867 Mourning Dress
MET Museum
Blue Silk Evening Gown
Pink Silk Wedding Dress

1850s Plaid Bodice and Skirt
Red Spanish Jacket


Bonnets and Caps

Pink Silk Bonnet
Cream Felt Leghorn Hat