Thursday, June 18, 2020

Pioneer Women's Walking Trail part 4 and end

Today Nicolas and myself set out to complete the last stage of the Pioneer Women's Walking Trail. This stretch is about 7kms long and is primarily descending. 
We started at Measday's Lookout. This was a nice section of wide track covered in gravel.  We chose to walk in the grass next to the path as the gravel can be slippery and harsh on leather soled shoes. 
This section also had amazing forest views and large rocks that are perfect for a rest. The weather has been starting to change and we had a few patches of light rain. 
This was actually pleasant and made for an enjoyable walk. Just up a small hill from a ridge, we came across the most amazing hill top view of the city. 
it was quite windy, but worth it for the view. We stopped here for a picnic lunch. 
Nic had prepared a fabulous repast of pork pie, scotch egg, cheese and dried beef. He had also prepared aerated water in a torpedo bottle. 
We then continued on our way. The remainder of the trail was beautiful and peaceful. We even spotted multiple different varieties of coloured birds.
As we were descending, the path was quickly and enjoyablely traversed. 
We managed to descend the 7kms in 2 hours including our picnic. 

This was our favorite stage and we will definately walk it again.  Next time we may walk it in reverse as a return hike of 14kms. The lack of cars,  bicycles and other modern inventions also increased our enjoyment. We even ended the day with a celebratory drink at the Edinburgh Hotel in Mitcham.


  1. Lovely! This section seems like it's definitely worth a return trip.


  2. I am so happy to discover your blog. Living retro in Australia?! So good! It reminds me of the book Time and Again by Jack Finney. Is there a whole group of like-mindeds, or are you going it alone?
    -Charles from NYC