Sunday, February 16, 2020

Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum

This weekend we were invited to help celebrate the first open day of the Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum for the year. We have never visited this museum before and we were very excited. 
This is an amazing museum and is well worth the visit.  They are open on the third Sunday of every month and each month they have a different theme. Inside they have a tea room. For only $6 you can treat yourself to a cup of tea our coffee with either a sweet and savory scone option. Their scones were devine.  They also have a small shop with beautiful handicrafts on sale.  Miss Amelia purchased 2 adorable knitted polar bears that we have not yet been able to separate from her.  
The building itself is a beautiful 2 story with an amazing collection of antiques to admire, as you strole through the rooms.  Outside is a surprisingly large garden that has been lovingly cared for by the volunteers. There are also a number of outbuildings to explore that are staffed by enthusiastic and well informed volunteers.  Amelia loved the sensory room that had touch and guess boxes,  scent boxes, a farm imaginative play table and a small mill where a lovely gentleman assisted her to mill some wheat into flour.  Miss Amelia loved this experience and is excited to make bread and cookies with her flour (I may have to provide some extra flour as she only milled a quarter of a cup).
As normal,  the unit presented multiple displays. Each display demonstrated a different skill from their manual of arms and platoon exercise.
The museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens and next door is the historic building the Fox and Firkin Pub, where you can purchase a refreshing drink and meal surrounded by it's historic atmosphere.