Monday, September 23, 2013

Barossa Goldfields Historical Society Open Day 2013

Yesterday was one of my favourite events of the year, the Barossa Goldfields Historical Society Open Day. Located only 15 minutes from Gawler is Adelaide's own goldfields. Each year at Bowden's Cottage the society holds an open day with demonstrations of steam powered engines, a hand tool wood working display (on previous years also blacksmith displays), damper making, a museum, nature and gold mine bush walks, two person log sawing and gold mining.

This year the invitation was opened up to include the Victoriana Society as well as the Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles/Adelaide Regiment. Nic and Danee were our volunteer riflemen presenting a drill and musket firing display. Unfortunately, our NCO Bob was unable to attend this year due to illness. We all wish him a speedy recovery. Representing the Victoriana Society, Mandi, Jessie and Lynne attended for the first time. Hopefully next year the word will spread and the event will continue to grow. This year they estimated over 200 guests attended the open day, an amazing achievement.

 Jessie enjoying the free damper and tea available to all guests. They make a delicious native berry jam.
 Nic and Danee on parade
 Danee demonstrating the standing firing drill.
 Mandi and Me using a two person saw.

 Nic demonstrating the kneeling firing drill.
 For lunch we went on the nature walk and found a shady spot to have lunch. As we ate, guests walked past to provide entertaining conversations. One of my favourites was a couple that asked what we were reenacting? I responded with 'lunch' and Nic added '150 years ago'. At the completion of lunch we taught Mandi how to play whist.