Monday, June 8, 2020

Pioneer Women's Walking Trail part 3

Today was a public holiday for Queen Elizabeth II's birthday. After spending the last two days in bed with a cold,  I decided to make the most of the holiday and good weather before winter fully sets in. We decided to walk the next two stages of the Pioneer Women's Walking Trail. 
We started at Stirling round about and walked the trail to Crafers. This is a very small stage and only took half an hour and is 1.5kms. Most of this stage was along the side of the freeway on a shared bike and pedestrian pathway. 
We stopped at Crafers at Atelier Cafe. The staff there were lovely and we had a very enjoyable meal. This cafe specialises in selling local art and products.
Once we had finished we started on our second section for today from Crafers to Measdays Lookout a distance of 3.5kms one way.  
This section was in the Cleland National Park. The paths were very rocky,  undulating and steep. It was very difficult walking in leather shoes. 
The last part of the trail at the lookout was extremely steep and was very tricky on the return trip when descending.
Once at the lookout there is a lovely stone wall to rest upon and a beautiful view to admire.
It wasn't until the return walk that Amelia  and I really began to struggle as our cold medication wore off. It really helped us to appreciate how hard it was for the pioneer women who had to make this journey to market regularly and did not have the luxury of sick leave.
The second stage is meant to take 1 hour,  but due to our shoes and feeling ill it took us a bit longer. 

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