Sunday, August 31, 2014

1830s Frock Coat Finally Finished

In what feels like a life time ago, but was in reality only 2012.... I began work on a frock coat for my husband. This coat was his dream coat. He wanted a full blown 1830s blood red coat with a rich black velvet collar. Thankfully, this is my third and final post as the coat is now finished.

Post One - Total Frustration with the pattern

Post Two - Progress

One big change was that we decided to remove the fullness from the sleeves and make them fitted to be more late 1830s.

He wore it first for the Business SA 175th Gala Dinner, where we were asked to promenade, meet and greet the guests in the entrance to the Entertainment Centre. Afterwards we headed into town to purchase fabric, have drinks and dinner. Nic received a lot of comments from women who found his attire very dashing and handsome.

 Business SA Gala. Sorry about the photo, but my small camera is not very good in bad lighting. Nic and myself are on the back left.
 Drink time at La Boheme. We met some tourists from Canberra and had a great time and a few amazing drinks.  
On Sunday, he put the jacket to its original purpose and filled his dream of wearing it while shot gunning. Sorry, but I took a lot of photos and the following are only a few. The jacket looks amazing in the wind and with his movements while shooting.

 Time for a quick selfie while waiting for Nic's next shot.... I love how I have colour matched my glasses and earmuffs. Very traditional as well.....

While we were in the clubhouse, we also noticed that someone had put a copy of a newspaper article advertising the Adelaide Regiment on the bulletin board. It was a very nice article with really nice photos of the group.

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  1. He looks quite the gentleman. Well done! Beautiful color, too --