Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Trowsers, Shirt and Men's Drawers

After the wedding sewing marathon I decided to take a month off. Then I got back into work, slowly. In September Nic had found some lovely green plaid cotton fabric. Using the same toile as from his wedding trousers I made the following pants. Note: Plaid is horribly frustrating to work with for someone that had never used it before. I had to line up and match each pattern piece individually before cutting the fabric. This made the process time consuming and fiddly compared to previous sewing projects. I am happy with the outcome and the look of them. I would like to get a new buckle for the back, however my supplier is out of stock of the type I like and may not be getting any in the future.

 Front of the Trousers.

 Back of the Trousers.

Nic's shirts were starting to get very worn and I had started darning them around the buttons and armholes. His shirts were all made by his seamstress, before we had met. It was interesting to learn how different period shirts are different to modern shirts. I used the pattern from his seamstress to make his new shirt and added alterations to make them more period correct from museum photos and period tailoring books that I own. I am very happy with the way the shirt turned out.

View of completed shirt.
Finished Outfit Front.

Finally I decided it was time to make Nic a pair of drawers to go under his trousers. It is only right that he dress period correct in every aspect, and it is not a visible aspect of his costume it had been sadly neglected. I found a pattern online and it was very easy to construct and required only slight alterations due to Nic's slim figure. Nic likes them so much that I plan to make him further pairs in both a thinner cotton for the heat here in summer and some wool knit for when he is camping in winter. He decided that it was inappropriate to take photos of him wearing them.

Full view with laces for tightening the fabric at the ankles.
Front Fly opening with bone buttons.
Back of the Drawers.


  1. Very nice! I think you managed the plaid well. Isn't it fun to have someone to sew for? I'm looking forward to making a reenactment wardrobe for my husband-to-be already :)

  2. Thank you. Men's clothing is very different to make from women's, but it is lots of fun. You have a very lucky husband to be, men look soo much nicer in period clothing.