Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Completed Wedding

I know that I have posted all about the outfits previously, but when they are put together and in the context of the wedding itself they come alive. The day was amazing and all that we could have hoped for. The state sunday newpaper also featured a half page colour article on our wedding including 4 photographs. Many people have mentioned it in the week since.

The Ceremony in an 1869 church that Nic's parents were also married in.

Me and my new husband Nic and one of the page boys.

The Noarlunga Rifles provided a guard of honour.

Nic was a real gentleman when it came to helping me into the carriage.

 My bridesmaids Mandi and Wendy looked stunning as always in new silk dresses.

Many of our guests also came in period, most even made new outfits for the occassion.

Sunday Mail, October 17th, 2010. South Australia.


  1. You all look nice, and your dress is very, very pretty. What a fun wedding it must have been. Congratulations!