Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Velvet Swiss Body - in progress

I have decided to make a black velvet swiss body to provide a sporting look to go with a green with silver shot dress that I hope to make later this year. The dress will of course be a two piece so that only the skirt will go with the body.

I purchased the pattern from Heidi Marsh ages ago when I first started sewing. Once I had made the toile of the body I realised that the patter was quite a waste of money as it is only a deep necklined bodice pattern, minus sleeves. It would be very easy to adjust any previously fitted bodice toile to make this swiss body.

Swiss Body Toile

 I altered the toile a lot to get the shape I wanted and to get a nice fit. I decided to make the body in black cotton velvet with a black cotton lining. The piping was made myself with the left over velvet and 1/16" piping cord. The velvet is still quite thick and required tacking stiches to flattern the seams.

Outside bodice with neckline and one armhole completed.
 Body lining

 Armhole, pinned for hand sewing to attach the lining to the front and piping.

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