Saturday, April 5, 2014

Safari Adventure

After last weeks fun at the zoo, a few of us who live near Murray Bridge decided to take up the half price offer of attending Monarto Zoo. This was a last minute decision, but it was still great fun. Nic and I decided to dress in 1860s. This meant that Nic was able to research which type of pith helmet we should wear. It turned out that the tall ones were first used in the 1840s. In the past I have always linked pith helmets with the Edwardian and Late Victorian Period. While they were army issue, Nic believes that they would also have been available to civilians travelling in areas requiring them. Jessie was in 1890s and dad in 1920s so they wore the later rounded style. We also had Theresa and Andrew to keep us company in modern clothing. I think we are blessed to have so many interesting places that we can go and visit. We are looking forward to more fun adventures in the future.

 Monarto Zoo has an interesting set up. You drive into the park and park in a visitors center. At the center you get on a bus. The buses go ever 20 minutes. The buses take you through the enclosures. At a few locations you can get off the bus and follow walking trails to amazing lookouts over the various enclosures. These lookouts gave some of the most amazing views.

 Nic looking for a new trophy at the waterhole lookout, which looks out over the giraffe, ostrich and some types of antelopes. 
 Nic lent me his telescope to get a better view.
 Dad, just enjoying the day.

 Dad and Nic looking for the elusive cheetahs. It was a warm day and we found them sleeping under a tree on the far side of their enclosure.
 The footpaths to the lookouts were really nice. Volunteers have been planting a lot of local native plants to re-vegetate the area. 
 We had a picnic lunch at the Visitors Center (not very period I know, but I have been very busy with sorting out work this week).

 We ended the day at the Chimpanzee Enclosure. They were amazing. We were able to watch them go into their night quarters for dinner. Wow they are scary when fighting over food.
 On the walk back to the Visitors Center we saw this amazing Yellow Tail Rock Wallaby. So Pretty.
 To end the day we had a group photo. Left to right Jessie, Paul (dad), Nic and Me.
The group photo was taken near the Meerkats. This little guy was fascinated by the size of my skirt and came over to investigate. 


  1. Oh what a delightfully fun outing! You all look very smashing and like you truly were on safari!! I want to do this at our local zoo and you have inspired me even more!!


    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments. I would definitely suggest that you do. It is great fun whether with a large or small group. You get to meet lots of new people, talk about history and staff are always extra helpful :-).

  2. Awww, the animals are so cute! Thanks for sharing pictures.


    1. Thank you for your kind feedback. I am glad that you liked the photos. Sometimes I do wonder if I post too many etc.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I am glad that the outfits looked the part. As it was a short notice decision to go, we just wore casual and sporting attire with pith helmets. We did however research to make sure that the helmets were period appropriate.