Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday

Today was my birthday. It was also a Zoological Promenade Day for the Victoriana Society. It was great to see my friends, dress in period attire and visit the zoo. Nic had not been to the zoo since he was little and I had not been since I first moved back home from China.

This month was also Jessie's birthday and Nic's birthday so we decided to celebrate all of our birthdays today.
 I know I mentioned my hair the other day, but it is amazing the difference longer hair makes. This took only 10 minutes to tease, rat and braid. The same style used to look a lot smaller and took me over half an hour. My bonnet also now sit on my head a lot better and tighter. I do not have to rely on hat pins to keep them attached anymore.
 Everyone gathered at the front gate awaiting any late arrivals. It was quite a shame, but they made Nic place his sword in safekeeping at the visitor station at the entrance. I guess they don't trust Victorians around all those amazing pelts, which is funny as they had a pelt stand just inside the door to educate against killing animals and all we could do was discuss the merits of each pelt and recommending different articles that they would be most suited to. This is especially pertinent as it is almost winter here and we do have an ice skating day in a few months and I could use a muff and winter hood. Thankfully the staff did have a good sense of humour. 
 We had 3 birthdays this month so I shared the day with Nic (13th March) and Jessie (24th March). We each had our own cupcake and candle.
 Sorry it is blurry, but the camera had an accident and it took a while to get the settings sorted.

 Adelaide Zoo is the only zoo in Australia with a Panda breeding program. It was happily ignoring the crowd and eating bamboo. I must have made an impression as it stopped eating to stare at me for a while. 
 Today was exciting as it was the first time that Nic was able to wear his French Crimean War chasseurs d'afrique uniform. It is a very striking uniform. 
The avairy was amazing. There were birds flying all around us. 
I think that the lion saw Nic's pants and thought of dinner as a second later she gave a huge raw that almost made me drop the camera.

This little fellow was sooo adorable. He was cuddly and licked my hands. He also tired to steal the sandwiches from my basket...
 At the children's petting zoo I begged my dad for $2 for a bag of food to feed the animals. It was great fun. They gentlemen made fun of my wanting to join in on the feeding, but they still had a turn and I'm sure I see laughter and smiles. I believe it is important to get in touch with your inner child sometimes.

 Some of the goats did get a little demanding for the food. It was funny how at first one of them bounced off of my crinoline, until they learnt how to hook their hooves onto the wires to keep themselves upright.  
I don't think I would want to spend my birthday any other way. A few of us are thinking of heading to the safari park at Monato next Saturday. Still in period, but exchanging our bonnets for pith helmets. 


  1. What a fun birthday adventure!!! That panda bear is pretty darn cute. I can imagine the animals in the petting zoo were confused by your hoops... thanks for sharing the pictures! The pith helmet safari sounds pretty fun, too, and ice skating a few months! Can't wait to see more pictures!

    Happy birthday!

    1. Thank you, we used to have a lot of public events where you stand and have your photo taken non stop all day. It was exhausting and draining... so this year we decided that we needed to broaden our activities to ensure that we also get to have some fun as well. I will be posting the safari later today.

  2. what a great way to spend your birthday :)