Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Old Reynella Historicon Festival

Last weekend was an amazing weekend as South Australia hosted its first military living history festival. In attendance were vikings, medieval, Napoleonic forces (including the 15th Light Dragoons, Dutch infantry, 95th Rifles, Prussian infantry, Brunswicker's, French Infantry, British and French Artillery and others), 1860s Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles, 1880s Fort Glanville Artillery, World War I and World War II forces. There were encampments scattered around the township and a block of land on the main street that hosted battles throughout the weekend.

For us it was wonderful to finally catch up with our fellow members of La Belle Alliance. Unfortunately, due to work and study commitments we have been unable to attend events for 3 years. This is not helped by the fact that LBA is located in Queensland and we live in South Australia. They are a wonderful group and we really enjoyed catching up with them. The weekend had a few glitches, but these are to be expected for an inaugural event. Thankfully, the groups managed to survive the 37+ degree Celsius heat, lack of toilet and shower facilities and missing water supplies. The battles, however, were great fun and visually appealing.

We are definitely looking forward to next year and hope that it will get bigger and better.

 We were fortunate that one of the groups brought a fully working Napoleonic kitchen.
ps. that is me on dishes duty
 This was the main street of our encampment. Our tent was on the next street to the left.
 Marching on to the field.
 The Brunswicker's advancing on the French. 
Nic is the one kneeling to load on the left.
 The French from LBA and the dragoons on display for a local MP.
 The Brunswicker's from LBA, the Dutch and Prussian infantry also on display.
Nic and myself after the final battle on Sunday.

Unfortunately, we are dressed from different decades.... sadly no one else seemed to pick up on this fact. Nic is dressed in the later 1810-15 uniform, while I was in 1790-1800s. I wish I had a photo of the back as my jump/corset is actually high at the back providing an interesting transitional look. I really love my new outfit. It was not overly uncomfortable in the heat and was highly functional when working and running round the battle field to provide water to the fallen troops.

Michael was also nice enough to find this Youtube online of the battle. Nic is the Brunswicker who got his horse hair plume stuck on his musket. I hope you enjoy as much as we did

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