Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Napoleonic Impression - 1800 Working Skirt

In working on my Napoleonic Impression I decided to make a thick linen work skirt. I was given some thick linen by a friend that was an aqua colour. It was the perfect amount for a skirt and coloured easily into a lovely medium blue. This was a very easy design to make after learning to make shifts. There are many great photo tutorials for 18th century skirts. Some that I used for reference include how to's by -

A Fashionable Frolic and
American Duchess

To make it more useful for turn of the century events it can be tied at the waist in late 18th century style or raised to a higher early 19th century silhouette with the use of shoulder straps that tie up in the front. I really also like the raised up height as it will help keep my skirts dry when camping in winter.

The completed skirt

shoulder straps

Well I am now closer to a finished early Napoleonic impression. I also managed to trim a new sun hat for the event on the weekend.

Still to Do's
To complete this outfit I still need to finish hand sewing my petticoat, finish my cap and make a plaid scarf for my neck.

For my later Napoleonic impression I still have to make my short gown and a new short stay/ transitional under corset.

The Challenge 5# Peasants & Pioneers
Fabric: Blue Linen
Pattern: None
Year: ca. 1800
Notions: white cotton tape, natural cotton tape
How historically accurate is it? I believe that this is accurate.
Hours to complete: about 5 hours
First worn: Today to take the completed photos
Total cost: None as everything came out of my fabric and left over stash

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