Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wedding Aniversary, Our Way

This year Nic and I managed to make it to our 2nd year wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, he was away at work on the actual day. To make up for this we decided to have a belated anniversary to remember.

One of the local attractions here in the hills is the historic Steam Ranger, which runs steam train rides from Mount Barker to Victor Harbour. It is a 2 hour ride each way with a 3 hour break at Victor Harbour to enjoy the sea side. Sounded like the perfect way to celebrate and have a picnic. This is a late post as our trip was on the 4th November.

As you can imagine we did draw a crowd when taking our own photos. It was also lovely as a retirement village had booked one of the carriages for their clients to have a day out. So we had people wanting to touch my skirts, ask questions and take photos. Its nice to think we may have added to their enjoyment of the day.

 It wouldn't be a picnic without some champagne.

To finish the day we went for a camel ride, explorer style. I must say it was very tricky in skirts as they did not have a side saddle. It is probably best that there is no photo of me as I was showing quite a lot of ankle. Nic said that it was not as bad as I am married. I think he was just being sweet to make me feel better.

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