Monday, May 18, 2020

Pioneer Women's Walking Trail pt 2

Today we were blessed enough to have a child free afternoon, as Amelia had a playdate.  This was the perfect opportunity to walk the next stage of the Pioneer Women's Walking Trail. This stage was 7kms one way. We began in Bridgewater where we stopped for lunch on the first stage. For this walk I squeezed myself into my 1865 skirt with only petticoat supports. There are a lot of blackberries on the path, which are not kind to crinoline sized skirts.  I paired the skirt with a blouse and Spanish jacket as I wanted a more "activewear" look. This was also the first opportunity to wear my new hat.  I am very proud that it was very comfortable and stable on my head. 
We made our way from Bridgewater to Stirling. This was a long stage,  so we only walked one way.  There is a bus that goes past both points making it easy to return to your vehicle.  The bus goes every half an hour.
This stage is beautiful for the first 3kms. Once you leave the mill you walk along a path at the top of an amazing stone wall with a creak at the bottom. 
There is a fairy garden a little further up the trail and then a beautiful uphill walk through a national park. 
After the incline,  there is a decline that skirts past a golf course.  Once you cross the golf course the remainder of the walk is along roads and not as pleasant.  There was a gem of a bridge. 
I'm glad we were able to complete the 7kms of this stage in 2 hours,  but I doubt we will walk the whole distance again.  In future we will probably turn back at the golf course and return top Bridgewater.

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