Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Historically Inspired Child's Garters

Amelia May is growing very fast. She is often out growing stockings. While we were camping last Taminick, she had out grown all the pairs she wore the weekend before.  As we were camping I ended up cutting the bottom off her stockings, making them just like mine.  The only issue was they kept falling down.  
This has lead me to start knitting again. I decided to adapt the knitted garter pattern that I had used to make my own garters. The main changes are that I started with 3 stitches instead of 6 and only 20 rows of 6 garter stitches. I also only used one colour. 
After knitting the first garter we took it on a test run to our picnic at Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens. She loved them.  Even when tied on loose, it kept her stocking up and she was more comfortable with less layers higher up. She is very proud of her growing big girl wardrobe. 

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