Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Domestic Bliss

Winter is a fantastic time to close our modern kitchen and living space and retire to the original rooms of our home. This is one of my favourite times in the year. It is soo relaxing and cozy to work and socialise by the fire. Our close friend and Amelia's godmother also joined us for an evening. She made lemon suet pudding and assisted with dinner. Our dinner for the evening was one of the plain menus from Beaton's. As our seasons are the opposite of those in England, where it was published, I count half a year difference in months to choose an appropriate menu for the season. This evening was held in July, so I used a menu from January. As in previous experiences the recipes turned out delicious. On this evening we enjoyed plain soup, Jerusalem artichokes, boiled potatoes, fried chops and lemon suet pudding.

I am finding caring for an infant and running a period household more of a challenge. Hence my disheveled appearance. Still, I wouldn't change my life or experimental Victorian living for anything. We are very blessed in our little cottage.

Our 1858 Cottage Living Room
Preparing Dinner.
Wendy, cooking Lemon Suet Pudding.
Preparing Dinner
Nic holding Amelia while we cook
Feeding Amelia before preparing dinner. I love my nursing corset, it makes feeding her a lot easier.

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