Monday, March 7, 2016

Infant Flannels

With my baby being due in the middle of winter, it was essential to make some flannel petticoats. I wish that wool flannel was available in Australia, but it is not (to my knowledge) and the postage costs are higher than the cost of the fabric to order it from overseas. So, as much as I hate to, I had to compromise and use cotton flannel (whinge over).

For the construction, I used the pattern in the 1840s Work Women's Guide as the bodice is lined in cotton.  The similar pattern in the 1869 Cassell's Guide is unlined and the edges are bound. I prefer the look and extra warmth provided by the lined version. Both styles were still in use in the 1850s and 1860s, as seen in extant examples. The pattern is very simple and goes together very easily. I did change the construction of the shoulder straps and waist tapes in inserting them into the lining, whereas the pattern instructs them to be attached to the outside. Some of the extant examples do have the straps inserted into the lining and it looked more finished. I made it in two sizes (using modern infant sizing) to hopefully fit the baby from newborn to about 6 months of age. I also plan to make a cotton calico 'flannel'/petticoat later, as even in winter it can get very hot in Australia during the day time.

Completed flannel lying open
Outside closeup of side and wrap overlay closure
Inside lining closeup of side and wrap overlay closure

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  1. Very nice, and thanks for the detailed photos, makes it so muche easier to understand