Tuesday, May 20, 2014

175th Anniversary Fashion Parade 'Corsets to Caftans'

For the last year towns around South Australia have been celebrating their 175th birthdays. The council area that we live in is celebrating a number of birthdays this year. As a part of the celebrations there are numerous historical events. One of these events that we participated in recently was 'Corsets to Caftans' a parade of the changes in fashion from settlement to now.

I wore my 1861 wedding dress. There were a large number of people and friends present. I have not had such bad stage fright in ages as seeing and hearing people in the crowd calling out my name...at the same time I feel honoured to have such wonderful and supportive friends. The shawl is an original from the 1860s and I was terrified in displaying it to the audience as I know it is very valuable. 

Nic was also present in his 1860s male civilian attire. in this photo he has just removed his coat. These photos were sourced from the Mount Barker Library, who were kind enough to post them on their Facebook page. If you would like to see more photos of the other volunteers who participated please follow this link to the Mount Barker Library Facebook Page. 

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