Saturday, July 24, 2010

1860 Evening Bodice is Finally Complete

Tonight was the Victoriana Society's Christmas in July Dinner. As normal I had yet to finish my 1860s evening bodice that I had started 24 hours before the last evening event. This time I was a little more prepared in ordering the silk organza for the sleeves and allowing myself more time to actually attempt to complete it. At the last event I had to be sewn into the bodice in the carpark... not the best of first impressions.

I was also able to get the black cotton lace embroidered on nylon net delivered 24 hours before the event. Completing the bodice was a struggle as I have broken my elbow. Thanks to the help of my friend Wendy who sewed on the sleeves and replaced the plastic boning with steel and my wonderful partner Nic who learnt how to whip stitch and sew on hooks, I was able to complete the bodice in time.

The half completed bodice after the last event.

Silk organza sleeve with lace trim.

Hooks and hand sewn eyelet holes in modersty pannel on the back.

Inside cotton lining and padding.

The completed bodice as of tonight. Fitted to within an inch of its life.

My gorgeous partner Nic who was a wonderful help (and yes I know he is in Regency).

I am also horribly vain so I managed to rig my arm for every photo to avoid showing my sling. I was well behaved and did have it in a sling in between photos.
Nic, Me, Wendy and Mandi

Mel, Me, Wendy, Mandi

Group photo of the Victoriana Society.

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  1. Oh, it is simply beautiful!! I love the color and the sleeves! oh, they are stunning! :)

    Congrats on your wedding! That must be extremely exciting. :)

    Fiddlin Girl (from Sewing Academy)