Friday, January 29, 2010

My First Napoleonic/Regency Dress

In December the Victoriana Society decided to make the Christmas function a Regency Picnic. This was the opportunity to sew my first Regency Garment.

My partner is a member of a napoleonic re-enactment group based on the Brunswickers. His uniform is very nice and gets a lot of compliments. Anyways for my first attempt at a Regency style dress I decided to try to make a followers dress for the Brunswickers using Nic's uniform as the basis.

I used the Sense and Sensibility Patterns for the crossover gown and Spencer Jacket to create this outfit. I only made some modifications to the collar of the Spencer. I was suprised at how easy this outfit was to make. Unfortunately I did not have the time to complete the spencer. Since then I have completed it.

This picnic became even more special as it was at this event that Nic proposed to me.

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