Saturday, October 5, 2013

More Knitting 1862 Godey's Garter

After my success with knitting a sontag I decided to try something new/else. I also found a garter pattern from World Turn'd Upside Down for an 1862 garter pattern from Godey's Lady's Book. While I was researching I was talking to Mandi and she wanted a stripped pair. So of course as I am now an expert knitter (I wish) I agreed to take on the challenge for her birthday. While I did finish them, I hated all the threads I had to sew under to change the colour. They do look amazing for the effort. I am currently half way through sewing a pair for myself, but mine are blue with white ends. I am also thinking that these would make an excellent christmas gift as they are easy and fast to make on the bus.

 The Garters laid flat.
 The finished garters 
I also found a new use for them... when I left them on the couch my little boy got one over his head. I think I will make him his own next. He hates sitting still for photos and was grumpy after I took his new toy away. Thankfully he isn't as evil as he looks.


  1. Wonderful garters and a most handsome model!! Well done!!



  2. I don't know if you'll get this comment on such an old post...

    But when I made these garters, I only broke the thread at the ends, and everytime I changed colors, I just "carried" up the side of the garter the other color. This meant that every time I reached the end of the row that had a dangling ball of yarn, I twisted ONCE my working yarn, and my other yarn.

    It makes it a lot easier than dealing with ends!

    1. Thanks for that advice. I was told about that option, but I was advised against it. I may try it next time as while it looks good ending the line, it is annoying and time consuming.