Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Taminick 2013

This year was another amazing weekend at Taminick. 25 years and going strong, with an amazing turn out. This year also heralded the return of the regimental dinner (a tradition that was last held the year before I began attending).

 Our campsite this year was a lot bigger. Nic and I had the bell tent and Danee (a private in our unit) the wedge. We also set up our awning with the back dropped. It was strange having the extra space and luxury. The South Australian Volunteer Rifles were never an active military group. The records of their encampments are few and entertaining, including on one occasion where by 11pm they had all gone home and left their tents in situ and returned in the morning. From the photos we have found they seem to have been the 'glampers' of the Victorian era.

 On parade for the raising of the flag on the first morning.
  Nic wore his Captain's uniform. This meant that he took a place with the officers at the flag for the ceremonies. I must admit it was a proud moment to see my man standing tall in a position of honour.
 To celebrate 25 years the soldiers grouped together for this great shot.
 This year I decided to experiment with cooking treats. I dont know why I thought I could bake on a fire, when I am hopeless with an oven... but other than some slight burn marks the cakes were nice and as far as I know Nic, Danee and the Civil War soldiers we were camping next to are still alive.
 Nic and Danee at the start of the Phil Hill Shoot. This is a shoot where they have to run in their pair to marked spots up a hillside and take turns to fire at and hit each numbered target and then run back to the start while being timed. This is one of my favourite events to watch. 
 Nic aiming at target number 2

 Me at the regimental dinner
 Nic at the regimental dinner
 Group Firing in a Line
Individual Firing Down the Line

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