Saturday, May 24, 2014

Heritage Ball 2014

Saturday was the Heritage Ball hosted by the Australian Costumer's Guild Adelaide. As always it was a highly entertaining evening. This year we had a nice turn out of gentlemen from the Adelaide Regiment 1862, including Nic, Paul (my father) and first timers Mark and his girlfriend Madame Von Strumpet (aka Kate). Unfortunately, due to politics between the dance groups (from the gossip that I have heard) one of the groups chose not to attend. This resulted in lower numbers that in previous years. I was also told that this would be the last year that this ball will be held. This was very sad news to hear as the organisers from the ACG put a lot of time and effort into making it a wonderful evening. Thankfully, there are still many other balls that we can attend during the winter months.

 Nic and Mark

 Mark, Nic and Paul
Kate and Myself

 Mark, Nic and Paul

Unfortunately, I became very tired by the time we had a supper and I ended up having to leave the ball early. It is taking me a lot longer than expected to get back on my feet (pardon the bad pun) since my operation.

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  1. :( Sorry to hear that you're not recovering as quickly as you hoped, but glad to hear that you were still able to have a lovely time. You look beautiful.